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Metal Roofing

Hearing the words “steel metal roof” may bring to mind an old barn with a tin roof. With that said many of these old barn roofs are still in service 100+ years later. Metal roofing materials have come a long way since the old barn roofs of yester year. Today metal roofing is one of the fastest growing alternatives for residential homes. With such a variety of styles and types to choose from, the metal roofing industry can be a bit overwhelming. As with any other project hiring a metal roof contractor that is factory trained and certified is crucial for a successful metal roof project. Many different looks can be accomplished with metal roofing from traditional shingle to flat panel, standing seam all the way to a Spanish tile look.

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Shake Shingle Tile and Shake

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The Shake, metal roof shingles, tile and shake profiles are stone coated steel products that provide a more traditional shingle look. The stone granules are bonded to the steel panel with a clear acrylic coating. These granules make way for a multitude of color choices. While very strong steel metal roofing is much lighter than traditional asphalt shingles. One benefit of choosing a stone coated steel metal roof system is that in many cases the current roof on your home may not need to be torn off resulting in less mess and a quicker install.

Standing seam and Sheet roofing.

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The standing seam metal roof is likely most recognized in commercial and residential applications. Standing seam allows for the steel metal roof to be attached to the wood deck with hidden or exposed fasteners. Sheet roofing is a more economical metal roof price that utilizes exposed fasteners. The standing seam metal roof is typically coated with a Kynar finish. Kynar finish is easily described as the finish you may remember seeing on a 50 year old John Deere tractor. An inferior coating system that is used on some metal roofing materials is water based acrylic emulsion. This water based method of coating panels is inexpensive with a very limited warranty and should be avoided.

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